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t5 drafting + design-Prescott Valley, Arizona

Our Services

We offer a variety of drafting services centered around the design of residential and small commercial projects. The majority of our work is creating bid-ready construction documents (plans)for owners, owner-builders and small contractors. We offer the following architectural drafting services:

  • House Plans
  • Remodel Plans
  • Addition Plans
  • Guest House Plans
  • Garage Plans
  • Deck Plans
  • Tiny House Plans
  • Alternative Design/Off Grid Plans
  • Specialty Services

    Permit Submissions and Permit Issues

    We have extensive experience in dealing with building departments regarding a building permit submission. We can expedite the permit submission process and resolve any issues related to your project.

    We also handle permit issues relating to existing properties including:

    • Non-permitted structures
    • Property encroachments
    • Non-compliant or structural safety issues

    For more information on how we can help you with your next project, please call us @ 928.458.5232 or 928.458.9467. You can also reach us by email.